Lifetouch Testimonial

“…The efficiency that this system has created in our field offices is a tremendous timesaver.”
- Lifetouch

iSource Franchisee System

iSource™ is the smart way to grow your franchise.

With all of the options available to prospective franchisees today, being found is critical to your brand’s success. iSource increases the likelihood of your brand being found first in an online search. Plus, you’ll capture more potential buyers at a time that they’re actively looking for opportunities – making the job of selling your brand much easier.

iSource is an intelligent technology specifically designed to automate the SEO (search engine optimization) process for you. It runs seamlessly underneath any sourcing website and determines which words and phrases prospective franchisees are using to find you. No more guessing, tracking, or trial and error to get effective results. iSource captures this information as the searches occur, and automatically optimizes your site, which can make a significant difference in your bottom line.

iSource™ is a proprietary technology from PredictiveProfiles, used in conjunction with our iSelect Franchisee System to source and attract more and better franchisee owners. 

Whether you want to pair it with iSelect or simply use it alone to increase traffic to your site, iSource is your solution. Get started today. Call 952.921.8813 or email