Lifetouch Testimonial

“…The efficiency that this system has created in our field offices is a tremendous timesaver.”
- Lifetouch

iSelect Franchisee System

iSelect™ is the painless way to screen, track and manage potential franchise owners.

The iSelect Franchisee System is a comprehensive online system that makes sorting through interested franchise owners quick and easy.

Potential franchise owners go to your website and are instantly redirected to a custom-branded portal where they’ll complete an assessment to register their interest.

The process is simple yet robust enough to provide you with the data you need to single out high potential franchise owners. With iSelect, you can run detailed searches to find the exact aptitudes you’re looking for.

Once a potential franchisee completes a questionnaire, you’ll immediately receive a four-page report. This report includes:

  • A summary of the potential franchisee’s potential
  • Scored results of the potential franchisee’s aptitude
  • Potential franchisee’s behavioral profile
  • Potential franchisee fit for owning a franchise under your brand
  • Overall recommendation

It’s fast, easy and affordable. And it’s more than a screening tool. With iSelect, you can screen, track and manage all candidates on the same system, 24/7/365. 

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