Lifetouch Testimonial

“…The efficiency that this system has created in our field offices is a tremendous timesaver.”
- Lifetouch

iSelect for Franchises

iSelect™ for Franchises is a powerful tool to help you unleash the hiring power of your brand.

With iSelect for Franchises, your franchisees get affordable access to a web-based online system to help screen and select the best hourly employees for their locations.

It costs you, the franchisor, nothing.

And your franchisees can try it FREE for 30 days.

Then, they pay a low monthly fee (in many cases, less than a dollar a day) for continuous access to candidates and an easy-to-use screening and selection process that’s proven to lower turnover, increase profits and reduce costs.

Here’s how it works:

Candidates go to your corporate website and are instantly redirected to a custom-branded career portal where they can apply online 24/7. In less than 10 minutes, they complete an application and a simple questionnaire.

Your franchisees immediately receive a four-page report on each candidate, ranking their likelihood for success, for that position. Each report includes:

  • A summary of the candidate’s potential and hiring recommendation
  • Scored results of the candidate’s aptitude
  • Interview questions
  • Candidate’s application information

Your franchisees also receive:

  • Suggested interview questions so they know what to ask to get the most out of their interviews
  • Suggestions on how to improve their chances of retaining the candidate

It’s fast, easy and affordable. And it’s more than a hiring tool. iSelect for Franchises gives your franchisees a means of identifying, before they interview, which candidates are likely to do well and to stay. You can also via the e-mail notifications regarding the candidates reports, log into the tracking system and:

  • View and track all applicants
  • Sort information by region, date, demographics and more
  • Identify your best candidates before you interview
  • Have a view into your hiring managers hiring process – who is being interviewed and hired?
  • Establish different levels of access

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