Lifetouch Testimonial

“…The efficiency that this system has created in our field offices is a tremendous timesaver.”
- Lifetouch

Solutions That Deliver Results

If you’re looking for bottom-line results, PredictiveProfiles™ can help.

iSource™ is an intelligent technology specifically designed to automate the SEO process for you. The iSource technology runs seamlessly underneath any sourcing website and determines which keywords and phrases prospective employees and franchisees are using to find you. It captures this information as the searches occur, and automatically optimizes your site, giving you better results.

iSelect™ is an online screening system. Delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS), this web-based tool tracks and manages assessments and applications, and provides recommendations.

The iSelect Hiring System was designed to help franchises and corporate owned organizations, screen, select, retain and develop the best employees at all levels – from front-line hourly employees to customer service reps, from sales reps to mid-level managers and senior executives. Plus it evaluates employee performance – so you can retain your best employees.

The iSelect Franchisee System is a comprehensive online system that makes sorting through interested franchisee candidates quick and easy. With iSelect, you can run detailed searches to find the exact aptitudes you’re looking for. Plus, you can screen, track and manage all candidates on the same system, 24/7/365.

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