PredictiveProfiles Goes to Market in a Big Way; Tackles Hiring Hourly Personnel and Franchisee Hiring

Bloomington, Minnesota/USA - October 6, 2010 – PredictiveProfiles recently released their newly updated website,, which sports a new brand, and highlights the iSelect tools which enable organizations to better hire hourly employees and is now being offered for franchise hiring. The newly branded website highlights the features of iSelect™, which is PredictiveProfiles world class hiring technology platform, which helps organizations tackle the unique business problem of hiring all the way from the top level in an organization, down to the very front line hourly hiring. And now PredictiveProfiles has also introduced a new iSelect™ platform, which was specifically designed for Franchises. “This is a powerful tool to help unleash the hiring power of each company’s brand and to enable the franchise operator to have individual access to the powerful iSelect system”, says Carla Bainbridge, PredictiveProfiles’ President and CEO. With iSelect for Franchises, the franchisees get affordable access to a web-based online system to help screen and select the best hourly employees for their locations. One of PredictiveProfiles customers, Papa Murphy’s says this about iSelect, “The system sells itself. After just a few weeks, it was clear that iSelect was going over very well with our franchisees. They love anything that helps them do their jobs better. And iSelect does exactly that.”

To view information about iSelect™ and the new iSelect™  for Franchise offering, and or to get white paper information about how iSelect could impact the bottom line of your business, visit the new PredictiveProfiles website at and register for a webinar. PredictiveProfiles™ was founded in 2000, to help companies hire better. When it comes to screening, selecting, retaining, and developing employees, no one does it better.

Contact: Connie Herzog, PR