Electronics retailer selects sales reps for success

When it comes to its sales culture, this national electronics retailer knew it needed employees who were sociable and outgoing, motivated to learn and able to handle rejection, stress and pressure. Employees also needed to be comfortable working within a structured, process-driven environment.

Thanks to PredictiveProfiles, the company now has a variety of tools to help screen, select and develop the best sales, management and customer service employees.

The company is also using these tools and the data collected to:

  • Identify potential retention risks during the selection process
  • Identify top quality candidates by position
  • Isolate potential management candidates
  • Match employees and managers properly
  • Coach current employees toward success
  • Develop a scientifically-based success planning program
  • Obtain larger ROIs with each selection decision

For roughly $100 per location per month, the company has cut turnover by 20% and is realizing a 9 to 1 return on its investment.

Case study #11