Technology For Teens -- What to Get Them For Christmas Besides an iPhone

It’s a known fact that teenagers love their technology, but what can you get them besides an iPhone? We did a little digging and found five great technology gifts for the teenagers in your life.

Audiofile Shelf System

It might be a stretch to try to get a teenager to listen to a record player, but this is a nice modern version of what many of us grew up listening to. This system is cool because it has radio and a CD drive as well as the more modern day iPad dock. You can find thie Audiofile Shelf System here



This one’s a double-whammy because it will hopefully inspire the teen to get active! You can find the Fitbit here.

Wireless Headphones

Because nowadays even simple cords are cumbersome. You can find wireless headphones here.

Amazon Fire HD 6

This tablet is nice and small (6” display) so it’s as portable as a book is. This is good for a teen who loves their social media, games and books. You can find Amazon Fire HD 6 here.

3D Printing Pen

With this pen you can write or draw and it will 3D-print your creation. Teenagers could get very creative with this! You can find the 3D printing pen here.

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!


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