The Problem with Franchisees

The franchise industry is really hot right now, meaning there’s a big need for new franchise owners. The problem is that franchisors are competing for the same people. There is only so much of the population that has the money and expertise to be a skilled franchise owner, so how do you quickly figure out who is a good fit and who’d be better off in Corporate America?

We created the iSelect Franchisee System as a way to help franchisors painlessly screen, track and manage potential franchise owners. Not everybody is a good fit for owning a franchise, so it’s important to make sure you’re bringing on the right people who could help your business prosper.

When interested candidates use our iSelect Franchisee System, franchisors receive a comprehensive four-page report that includes a summary of the candidate’s potential; scored results of his or her aptitude; a behavioral profile; his or her fit for owning a franchise under your brand; and an overall recommendation of whether or not we think this candidate would be a good option. We’ve been specializing in staffing needs for franchises since 2000, so it’s safe to say we understand how this industry works. We also have a good understanding of what doesn’t work within the franchise industry.

If you’d like some help identifying the best potential franchisees for your brand in an efficient manner, please contact us by calling 952.921.8813 or emailing

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