The Joint Employer Dispute and How To Steer Clear of it

The Star Tribune, Minneapolis' local newspaper, recently published an article titled "Legal shift could alter franchise model." The piece is referring to the legal action happening within the MicDonald's franchise, whereby individual franchisees were sued for their hiring/firing practices. But because of a mandatory hiring system the McDonald's has in place, the franchisees and franchisor are considered joint employers. This means that the lawsuits are not only facing the individual franchisees who created the issues in the first place, but it's going all the way to the top to the McDonald's franchisor.

This is big stuff for franchises. The franchise market is growing and is highly competitive, which is why it's very important to offer your franchisees a hiring system, but not require it. It's the requirement part that got McDonald's into trouble. For very reason PredictiveProfiles offers a hiring system that franchisors can offer their franchisees for just $25/month/location. We create a branded hiring platform for each franchise and make it easy for the franchisees to opt in or out. Our system really differentiates the liabilities between the franchises who utilize it and those who use a different one. Now that franchising has become so competitive, it's crucial to offer potential franchisees a web-based, centralized hiring system that will help them with hiring while keeping joint employer complications at bay. 
This article is especially of interest to us because we have worked with most of the franchises mentioned in it, including Great Clips, Dairy Queen and Buffalo Wild Wings. If you don't want to get yourself into the mess that McDonald's has, consider signing up for our iSelect solution. To read about this online system and others, please follow this linkIf you would like to learn more about how this works for our customers, please contact us at or at 952-921-8813.
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