How to Effectively Source and Select Franchise Owners

As you grow your franchise, it’s imperative that you find the right franchise owners; ones that will help keep your brand consistent, authentic and successful. Selecting the right man or woman for the job can be tricky, as a resume doesn’t reveal anything about an individual’s aptitude or resiliency.

Because of this, we’ve created comprehensive assessments that dig deep into an individual’s character, including his or her work ethic and approach to taking responsibility. In our sample assessment you can see how an individual is rated for such categories as attitude about service, approach to conflict and task orientation. These scores are based on a series of questions that go far beyond the average job application.

Additionally, we provide an analysis of the candidate and suggest interview questions that will help you discern whether he or she is a good fit for owning a franchise.

Because we are such advocates for providing candidates with an assessment, we’d love to offer you a free assessment so you can get an idea of how helpful this could be for the recruiting process. Please call us at 952.921.8813 or email us at for more information and to take a free assessment. 

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