How Do You Find Job Applicants? Did You Know the Auto Industry is Hiring?

We have a client that is having a difficult time finding job applicants. Midas, the reputable automotive repair company, has many position openings and offers competitive pay, yet they need more applicants for their job openings.

Applying for a job at Midas is quick and convenient, as you can just visit or and fill out an application there.

I am reaching out to my network to see what has worked for business owners in the past in regards to getting more competent applicants, specifically those in the automotive industry. Have you used banner ads? Attended job fairs? Written articles for industry specific magazines?

As a client of ours, we are committed to finding creative ways to increase the job applicants and help Midas reach their potential. If you have any ideas or past experience you can share, please do so. Alternatively, if you know anybody interested in obtaining a job in the automotive repair field, please send them to or

Thank you!

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