How to Broaden Your New Franchisee Candidate Pool

You've put some information on your website and you've made some phone calls, but you're not seeing much traction in terms of seeking franchisees. The best way to get your message heard by the most amount of people possible is to utilize social media platforms. 

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are likely your best options when looking for franchise owners. Simply put out a message on your platforms (a brief explanation that you're looking for franchise owners and a call-to-action should suffice) and ask that everyone spread the word. You'll be amazed at how fast messages like this can spread!

Social media is a free way to reach limitless candidates. If you use it properly and post diligently, you'll quickly see your candidate pool broaden. If you have any questions about social media or would like some help managing it, please email our Director of Communications, Kolina Cicero, at



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