How To Avoid McDonald’s Fate in the Franchise Market

As you may have heard, McDonald’s is under some scrutiny right now regarding its hiring and firing practices. The reason it’s notable is because the McDonald’s franchisor is being pointed at for these mistakes, even though the issues lie within the individual franchisee’s actions. So how can the franchisee place the blame on the franchisor? It’s because McDonald’s has a company-wide online system that all applicants must go through to apply for a job at any location, ultimately making the franchisor liable for any hiring or firing mistakes. Because the use of this system is a requirement, the franchisees feel like they have a way to wriggle out of this debacle and have McDonald’s corporate bear the liability along with them, professing that they are joint employers.

This mess and confusion can easily be avoided. Franchisors do not need to muddle through applications and the hiring system on behalf of their franchisees -- a process that is bound to make them liable for any snafus. Franchise organizations need to get out from the middle of hiring, which they can do by offering the use of an online hiring platform but not making it a requirement.

We have a system in place for this very issue. What we do is build a branded website for the franchisor for free that features disclaimers about liability. The franchisors then offer the use of the branded website for just $25 a month per location to the franchise owners. It’s completely in the hands of the franchisee; if he or she would like unlimited access to a pool of qualified job candidates then he or she can pay the $25 per month/location fee. This takes the liability off of the franchisor's back while also giving franchisees the opportunity to have a clean, organized hiring process. 

Offering the use of a branded hiring platform for just $25/month/location is really a no-brainer for the franchisor and franchisee alike. It removes liability from the franchisor and provides the franchisee with access to a comprehensive online platform that makes hiring much easier.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about how you can avoid the fate that McDonald’s is currently facing. If you would like to learn more about how this works for many of our customers, such as Papa Murphy’s and Famous Dave’s, please contact me directly at or at 952-921-8813. I look forward to hearing from you on this very hot topic.

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