The Case for Treating Yourself to a Glass of Wine

I’m a part of a really great group called Entrepreneurs’ Organization. It’s peer-to-peer group with a purpose of building the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you check it out!

It was at a recent EO event that I heard a doctor speak about the benefits of drinking a glass of wine daily. Naturally, this piqued my interest! As an entrepreneur, day-to-day life is stressful. It’s easy to let your job overtake your free time, your family time, your YOU time.  And if your “you time” requires a glass of wine, don’t sweat it – it’s actually rather good for you for a number of reasons.

This article in Food and Wine lists several benefits of wine and I want to highlight a couple of them that especially benefit entrepreneurs:

1 - Wine reduces heart attack risk. Entrepreneurs are typically stressed individuals with a hundred balls in the air at a time. If this doesn’t get your heart beating quickly I don’t know what will. Moderate wine drinkers who suffer from high blood pressure are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than nondrinkers.

2 – Slows brain decline. What do entrepreneurs rely on more than their brains? Studies from Columbia University revealed that brain function declines much faster in nondrinkers than those who have an alcoholic beverage on occasion.

3 – Promotes longevity. If you’ve got a business that’s alive and kicking, chances are you’d like to be, too! Moderate wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than those who drink beer or spirits.

Add to the list that consuming a glass of wine is a tasty, relaxing and enjoyable thing to do, and you need not look for any more benefits.

On that note, cheers!


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