The Auto Industry is Hiring!

The auto industry is experiencing a very particular and very damaging roadblock to bringing on new hires: the younger generations aren’t studying car mechanics like the generations before them did. Many vocational technical colleges are offering fewer automotive classes because the interest has dropped, meaning they are pumping out fewer and fewer auto mechanics each year.

With a much smaller pond to fish from, how can automotive companies find applicants for their increasing number of job opportunities?

Companies need to start educating folks about the benefits of working in the automotive industry, which are expansive. For example, the schooling to work in the auto industry is shorter and more suitable for those who aren’t fit for obtaining a four-year degree. The pay is top-notch and it doesn’t take years of scaling the ladder to get to a well-paying position. Some auto repair franchises, like Midas for example, aren’t a part of the union so they have more flexibility.

Votechs teach that compensation is a flat rate for specific services, but many auto repair companies compensate like Midas does – offering a percentage of labor costs instead of a flat rate.

Many opportunities lie within the auto repair industry, it’s just a matter of spreading the word that the opportunities exist and that the positions are worth going after. Do you know anyone who might be interested in a job in the auto repair industry? If so, consider sending them to and  -- they are both hiring. 

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