Testimonial from Bakers Square

“PredictiveProfiles has helped us streamline our hiring process, making it easier for our managers to identify top potential candidates.”
- Bakers Square


PredictiveProfiles™ was founded in 2000, by Carla Bainbridge in order to help companies hire better sales professionals.

Having headed up several backed venture-backed organizations, Carla knew that making her numbers was critical to her – and her company’s – success, so she worked hard to hire the best salespeople that she could.

Sometimes the reps did well, sometimes they didn’t.

What Carla needed was a data-driven assessment that she could use to assess their potential even before making her hiring decisions.

And by chance, she found just such an assessment. On a cross-country flight, Carla was seated next to John Marshall, a former professional hockey player and coach, turned Ph.D., who’d developed and validated just such an assessment.

Carla purchased the rights to those assessments and launched PredictiveProfiles with the intention of helping other organizations better perform by hiring the very best employees.

Expanding to front-line hourly employees

Initially focused on the traditional hiring assessments for mid-level positions and above, Carla quickly determined that it was a mature market with a lot of competition. She began asking her customers what they needed that wasn’t already readily available, and she repeatedly heard one thing: We need a way to cost effectively screen and select candidates at all levels, not just mid-level managers, but also front-line hourly employees earning just $8 to $12 an hour.

With the goal of developing the first online, low-cost system for screening and identifying front-line hourly employees, Carla established a user group of customers that was comprised of regional and nation chain restaurants and retailers to help develop and – more important – validate just such a tool.

After a year and a half of testing the tool with more than 50,000 candidates, PredictiveProfiles was able to demonstrate that there was a direct correlation between key success factors and higher retention and better performance.

With these results in hand, PredictiveProfiles launched the first online, low-cost system for screening and identifying front-line hourly employees.

That system – called iSelect™ – has now been in use for more than 10 years and is available in 16 languages. And with a team of 10 full-time researchers who validate the data at least once a year, the system is delivering bottom-line results to companies around the globe.

“Because we were the first diagnostic company doing hourly recruiting, screening and tracking,” says Carla, “we have the longest track record and a thorough understanding of what works best in a distributed field hiring environment. We’re also experts at helping multiple hiring managers hire for front-line and management positions in retail and hospitality, whether corporate organizations or franchisee-owned.”