Testimonial from Bakers Square

“PredictiveProfiles has helped us streamline our hiring process, making it easier for our managers to identify top potential candidates.”
- Bakers Square

The Hiring Experts

When it comes to screening, selecting, retaining, and developing employees, no one does it better.

If you’re not fully equipped to make the right hiring decision – every time, for every level – we can help.

With our proven solutions and expert professional services, we serve many of the world’s leading restaurants, retailers, sales organizations, hospitals, call centers, banks, and more, helping them:

  • Lower turnover
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce costs

Offered through a monthly subscription service, our flagship iSelect™ solution for franchises and corporate owned entities gives even small stores, restaurants, and call centers a more affordable, anytime, anywhere access to real-time candidate and employee data.

Our system is based on best practices and includes the following five key steps:

  1. Screening – Candidates apply online 24/7, completing an online application and a built in testing system for the position they are applying for. Candidates are automatically rank ordered in an online applicant tracking system, making it clear whether they should or shouldn’t be interviewed.
  2. Behavioral interview – The hiring manager immediately receives a report on each candidate that includes a summary of the candidate’s potential and aptitude, as well as application information, a behavioral profile and a hiring recommendation. It also includes suggested interview questions designed to help the hiring manager assess the candidate’s ability to succeed within your organization.
  3. Assessments – Once you decide you may want to hire an employee, our selection assessments definitely identify where they will be able to perform and impact your bottom line.
  4. Onboarding – With automated W2s, I9s, background checks, new hire paperwork, and more, our system takes the guesswork out of processing employee paperwork.
  5. Integration – We make it easy to integrate every aspect of your hiring process, from application to payroll, from performance reviews to employee development plans.

When it comes to screening, selecting, retaining, and developing employees, no one does it better than PredictiveProfiles™.